Photo Credit: Antonio's Closet

Photo Credit: Antonio's Closet

Founder's Award: Antonio’s Closet

Synopsis: A visit to athlete/artist Antonio Contreras in the Bay Area, where he has transformed his home into an homage to Latin American film noir from the 1940's. The artists shows his profound love for fashion and the one of a kind pieces of clothing that he has acquired since the 1980's.


Best Picture: God Save My Shoes

Synopsis: The first documentary to explore the intimate relationship women have with their shoes. Featuring star designers such as Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Pierre Hardy, but also celebrities like Fergie, Dita Von Teese, Kelly Rowland and many more, the film journeys into women’s psyche and closets, examining the psychological, sociocultural, and erotic significance of these objects.


Best Documentary: Runway Afrique, The Story of Africa Fashion Week

Synopsis: The Fashion industry serves as a non-verbal "voice" of the culture, values, hopes and dreams of a society. Fashion shouts for individuals who might ordinarily whisper, sharing their opinion with the world. But what happens when the people who engaging in this shouting all look the same? What happens when the models sashay, wrapped in these metaphorical screams take on a singular hue? 

Africa has been framed as the epitome of all that was wrong in society. Images of child soldiers, conflict diamonds, corruption, famine, poverty and the like have all been applied to Africa and Africans, reducing them to a pile of issues. Yet, before the gun there was brightly colored indigenous jewelry. Before mass corruption, there was Kente. Essentially fashion has always been a part of the African experience, but the industry only chooses to address it when "tribal" is in vogue. 

Adiat Disu, of the Adiree Fashion Agency, embarked on a journey to redefine the concept of fashion by creating the first ever Africa Fashion Week New York in 2010, emphasizing designers of color from the African Diaspora and featuring a multicultural array of faces on the runway. This film follows Adiat, the designers and models through this fashion journey.


Best Fashion Short: I’ll Get There

Synopsis: The premise of this film was inspired by Domingo Rodriguez's approach for his spring/summer collection of 2013. His designs structure the muscles and lines of the male body; taking organic contours and turning them into structured patterns. The contrast between the organic inspiration and the hard-edged/structured treatment is in some ways reminiscent of the conflicting artistic movements of romanticism vs. classicism (nature vs. order). "I'll Get There" presents four short narratives where carelessness and natural urges clash with ambition and purpose. This fashion short, whilst it features Rodriguez's collection, also tries to explore the underlying themes of its conception.


Best Fashion Short “Audience Award”: Blogging Behind the Seams

Synopsis: “Blogging Behind the Seams" is the first documentary film to explore the world of fashion blogging in Miami through the eyes of one of the city's top bloggers: Annie Vazquez AKA The Fashion Poet. Born and bred in Miami, the camera follows her on a typical day of getting ready for a big photo shoot at one of Miami's most historical sites, the Miami Marine Stadium. The documentary also shines a light on local brands, designers and features the soundtracks of several homegrown indie bands. 


Best Creative Concept: Immortal Game

Best Art Direction: Immortal Game

"Immortal Game” is a short fashion film inspired by the famous 1851 chess game of the same name. A young woman transforms into different chess pieces from the game, compliments of a mysterious man in white who is watching her. As in the original game, strategic sacrifices must be made. Shot in Cartagena, Colombia featuring the designs of CLIFFLEE Paris. The project contains short films and graphic media. The story unfolded in tandem with the Fall 2013 Fashion Weeks around the world through experimental IMMORTALgraphs (immortalgraphs.tumblr.com), which were incorporated into this version of the film.


Best Costume Design: Steam 1886

Synopsis: The film tells a story of Steam Punk pirates wreaking havoc in Victorian Cape Town. It shows the beautiful fashion and the unsavory characters that made up a bygone era that only really exists in our imagination.


Best Fashion: Kubatek

Synopsis: The newest collection is targeting the young and brave customer. The clothes are bold, in original geometrical cuts and shapes and are made of high quality fabrics. Thanks to the perfect lining and amazingly tasteful, toned colors, the “Kubatek” clothes are unique at the polish fashion market.


Best Fashion Styling: Elven Sky 

Synopsis: "ELVEN SKY, created by director Cinematographer Warrick McLeod, is the story of Chunapa Wakan who lived in a world of ancient legends, folklore and sacred rites. Inspired by the earth, forest and fauna, amongst places of age-old worship and the beat of tribal lands, she ventured into a new realm of the enchanted feminine divine – into a universe of the goddesses. She came with peace and knowledge, capturing their imagination and rhythm, from which arose a new tribe of sensuality and meditation, exoticism and balance. Crossing between masculine and feminine beings, a wild spirit began, and through this the vogue world of elven sky was born-an underground harmony of refined beauty. The battle between the Avant Garde Steam punk and Haute Couture’s old guard merged with simplicity, as dance became their muse...the great lure had begun.

The lure of our story is ELVEN SKY itself – the subversive world created, which enchants the audience, bringing them into the front row seat of this film. Through the moving image of film& fashion, we are inviting you into this labyrinth, trusting that the spirit of Chunapa Wakan will captivate you – into a deep provocative peace where old and new worlds have been bound together.

On her first voyage into the world of ELVEN SKY, Chunapa Wakan leans on the exotic influences that inspired her. Then, as she emerges, a new age of goddess is born. Wrapped in gold and feathers surrounded by ochre and fire, her natural colors merge between Nordic cools, hazy sky blues and yarns of bronze, copper and gold. Under the shawls of the new couture, she sinks into her novel throne, a spiritual pose, elegantly centered in her new role - born through rediscovery".


Best Make-Up: Eden & The Swan

Synopsis: We would like to invite you to a sensual ménage à trio between Neo Burlesque performer Eden, a swan and the audience. A poetic and surreal love story, inspired by the myth of Leda and the swan, interpreted as an animated shadow theater. A fleeting phantasy as a paper in the wind.


Best Hair: The Waiting

Synopsis: This fashion short film is a trip from boredom to wandering thoughts. A woman waits in different situations so that something happens, and in that wait, in which time is stopped, all the details magnify and nothing happens unnoticed.

LINK TO FILM: Not available online.



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Joshua Miller, Executive Director, C&I Studios


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Aileen Quintana, Make-Up by Aileen


Marcella Novela, Founder, Art Conductor


Sandirose Magder and Kailey Magder, Blo Blow Dry Bar Midtown


Diliana Alexander, Executive Director, Indie Film Club Miami