CATEGORY: Fashion Short

The newest collection is targetting the young and brave customer. The clothes are bold, in original geometrical cuts and shapes and are made of high quality fabrics. Thanks to the perfect lining and amazingly tasteful, toned colors, the Kubatek clothes are unique at the polish fashion market. From the very beginning those projects were a great inspiration for us.

Presented project is a joined creation of many interesting and original personalities from the movie and art world. The designer of the whole concept, estetics and film as well as animation is a talented director, animator and motion designer SZYMON PAWLIK.

Trends in fashion, art and architecture come back every few years. the fashion makes a circle, returning in a modified manner. That is why Szymon’s idea was to use two cameras and a projector as an ilustration of this phenomenon- reflection of reality and creation of its new form. Projects of masks are the effect of a search in the architecture and design world as well as japanesse avangarde of the 1960’s. They create a COMPILLATION, a certain suntesis of thought, dream picture and individual interpretation of Szymon’s drawings done by cooperating with him 3d graffic designers.

Author of the beautiful pictures is extraordinary director of photography - MICHAŁ DĄBAL, and the whole project was organized and produced by IWONA RABENDA from Film Republic. the energetic music by Du:it is a cherry on top!