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"ELVEN SKY, created by director Cinematographer Warrick McLeod, is the story of Chunapa Wakan who lived in a world of ancient legends, folklore and sacred rites. Inspired by the earth, forest and fauna, amongst places of age-old worship and the beat of tribal lands, she ventured into a new realm of the enchanted feminine divine – into a universe of the goddesses. She came with peace and knowledge, capturing their imagination and rhythm, from which arose a new tribe of sensuality and meditation, exoticism and balance. Crossing between masculine and feminine beings, a wild spirit began, and through this the vogue world of elven sky was born-an underground harmony of refined beauty. The battle between the Avant Garde Steampunk and Haute Couture’s old guard merged with simplicity, as dance became their muse...the great lure had begun.

The lure of our story is ELVEN SKY itself – the subversive world created, which enchants the audience, bringing them into the front row seat of this film. Through the moving image of film& fashion, we are inviting you into this labyrinth, trusting that the spirit of Chunapa Wakan will captivate you – into a deep provocative peace where old and new worlds have been bound together.

On her first voyage into the world of ELVEN SKY, Chunapa Wakan leans on the exotic influences that inspired her. Then, as she emerges, a new age of goddess is born. Wrapped in gold and feathers surrounded by ochre and fire, her natural colours merge between nordic cools, hazy sky blues and yarns of bronze, copper and gold. Under the shawls of the new couture, she sinks into her novel throne, a spiritual pose, elegantly centered in her new role - born through rediscovery".