Velvet Karma

Velvet Karma


Intentionally mistaking an open window for an invitation, two mischievous girls break into the Tarina Tarantino downtown showroom and obsess over Tarina's latest collection, Velvet Skull. Together, they embark on a fashion-mocking adventure, playing dress up, challenging and trying to one-up each other. In the end however, their antics come to halt when they attempt to steal a statement necklace. Karma has never been this fun.

Producer                  Alfonso Campos, Holly Payberg

Director                  Alfonso Campos

Screen Writer                  Alfonso Campos                 

Cinematographer                  Diego Torroija                 

Musician                  Arturo Solar

Fashion Stylist                  Stephanie Margalette Audoin

MakeUp Artist                  John Stapleton

Hair Stylist                  Marissa Cydya

Lead Female                  Bailey Noble & Emily Mest