The Journey

The Journey

NOMINATED CATEGORY: Best Cinematography, Best Hair, Best Lead Female

HONORABLE MENTION: Fashion, Fashion Styling

The Journey sees Monica’s stylistic vision and humour overflow into the real world. The action follows an unexplained route taken by an alluring female as she hunts for an undefined male en route to an unknown destination. Seemingly enchanting the men she sets her sights on, the sleekly styled protagonist casts an irresistible power over the singular target of her mission until all is revealed, true to Monica’s distinct hide-and-reveal humour, in the final scene of the film.

Producer                  Enri Mür

Director                  Monica Menez

Screen Writer                  Monica Menez

Art Director                  Monica Menez

Cinematographer                  Paul Rober Klinar

Musician                  Estudios Panaderia                 

Fashion Stylist                  Francesca Riniciari

MakeUp Artist                  Agostino Faggiano

Hair Stylist                  Luciano De Paoli

Lead Female                  Laura Ponte

Lead Male                  Antonio Pulido