RDC- Really Don't Care

RDC- Really Don't Care

HONORABLE MENTION: Art Direction, Script

"Hidden spectator of a birthday party, a love gone wrong , a fall of thought of a girl whispering to the person she loved. "

Producer                  Alessandra Sutto

Director                  Priscilla Santinelli

Screen Writer                  Priscilla Santinelli

Art Director                  Priscilla Santinelli

Cinematographer                  Edoardo Carlo Bolli

Costume Designer                  Gucci - Au jour le jour -Cristiano Burani - Myriaki - Golden Goose - Francesca Villa

Fashion Stylist                  Irene Rei

MakeUp Artist                  Alessandro Cocco

Hair Stylist                  Alessandro Cocco

Lead Female                  Ada Reina

Lead Male                  Federico Galdangelo - O'neal Ephraim - Marcel Peres Costa