NOMINATED CATEGORIES: Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Fashion, Best Music

For his Spring/ Summer 2015 collection DREAMS, Mexican fashion designer Ricardo Seco found inspiration in the Mexican Huichol Tribe, also known as the Wixárikas. Known for their bright beading of the eagle, the deer, and the peyote, the Wixárikas are a very private community, whom honored the designer with access to their remote village. He invited Brooklyn-based directors Luis Barreto Carrillo and Amber Moelter to Mexico City, Guadalajara, and ultimately the Sierra Madre to capture his journey to inspiration.

Producer                  Ricardo Seco (Executive Producer) & Juan Andres Lopez (Producer)

Director                  Luis Barreto Carrillo & Amber Moelter

Cinematographer                  Luis Barreto Carrillo & Amber Moelter

Musician                  Rap de Luz