Julian Zigerli & Eating Out- Life is one of the Hardest

Julian Zigerli & Eating Out- Life is one of the hardest


HONORABLE MENTION: Art Direction, Fashion Styling

The skater boy Daniel has to buy lunch for his office. But, life is one of the hardest...there are a lot of barriers on the way!

Producer                  Julian Zigerli

Director                  Manuel Schibli

Screen Writer                  Manuel Schibli

Art Director                  Manuel Schibli

Cinematographer                  Julia Brütsch

Special Effects Director    Manuel Schibli

Musician                  daniel pitout - eating out

Costume Designer                  Julian ZigerliFashion Stylist                  Julian Zigerli

MakeUp Artist                  Rachel Brady

Hair Stylist                  Rachel Brady

Lead Male                  daniel pitout