Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don't

Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don´t


In a succession of shots of almost statuesque stillness, the erotomaniac beauty of English actress Kimberley Tell -an echo of the cold and sharp beauty of Cybill Shepherd- lives dangerously with a haunting death drive that is only a game, but that just happens to be the game that turns this piece into something unique and seductively captivating. Fantastic Plastic Magazine, Spain.

Une succession de plans concentrés sur des parties du corps de femme, dans une approche pop à la fois sensuelle et vintage. Fubiz, France.

Producer                  ricardo carrasco

Director                  fermín cimadevilla

Screen Writer                  fermín cimadevilla

Art Director                  dominique aizpurua

Cinematographer                  josé luis bernal                 

Musician                  julio briceño

Fashion Stylist                  anna vallès

MakeUp Artist                  ana cano

Hair Stylist                  ana cano

Lead Female                  kimberley tell