HONORABLE MENTIONS: Cinematography, Music, Fashion, Fashion Styling

A metaphore of resurrection and of the return to the light, this film is also a tribute to the spirit of fashion; a reawakening of the new after the twilight of the days gone by.

Producer: Emi Fort

Director: Albert Moya

Screen Writer: Albert Moya, Enric Ros

Art Director: Jamie Gray

Cinematographer: Edu Grau

Musician: Gelany Beno

Costume Designer: Dries Van Noten

Fashion Stylist: Dries Van Noten brand

Make-Up Artist: Tadayoshi Honda

Hair Stylist: Kiyo Igarashi

Lead Female: Hanne Gaby Odiele Ali Michael Mijo Mihaljcic Evelina Sriebalyte Ana Kras

Lead Male: Ben Shaul



NOMINATED CATEGORIES: Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Fashion, Best Music

For his Spring/ Summer 2015 collection DREAMS, Mexican fashion designer Ricardo Seco found inspiration in the Mexican Huichol Tribe, also known as the Wixárikas. Known for their bright beading of the eagle, the deer, and the peyote, the Wixárikas are a very private community, whom honored the designer with access to their remote village. He invited Brooklyn-based directors Luis Barreto Carrillo and Amber Moelter to Mexico City, Guadalajara, and ultimately the Sierra Madre to capture his journey to inspiration.

Producer                  Ricardo Seco (Executive Producer) & Juan Andres Lopez (Producer)

Director                  Luis Barreto Carrillo & Amber Moelter

Cinematographer                  Luis Barreto Carrillo & Amber Moelter

Musician                  Rap de Luz




Born from perpetual wonderment and an insatiable wanderlust, Anaak is a collection of artfully relaxed feminine pieces made with getaways in mind. The inherent ease and approachability of beach dressing cast through a modern, streamlined lens. Shot in color 16mm, this shirt film beautifully captures the spirit and mood of the brand. The slow drift of cumulus clouds, a bird flying on a tranquil sea, the brisk wind sweeping across the surface of the water, a thoughtful young beauty; each captured by a ethereal eye, drawing us into a subtle and graceful daydream.

Director                  Georgia Tribuiani                 

Cinematographer                  Stefano Galli

Musician                  Lee Briante                 

Lead Female                  Jessica Mau                 

Silver Girl


NOMINATED CATEGORY: Best Art Direction, Best Music, Best Costume Design

Inspired by the world of Spanish bullfighting, ‘Silver Girl’ tells the story of a woman and a man, both equal in their own merit, and how gender and age determined their fate. The film showcases a full collection of hats by British hat designer Philip Treacy , jewellery by Adler as well as designs by Julian McDonald and Armani.

Producer Josh Brandão

Director Josh Brandão and Nicolai Kornum

Screen Writer Josh Brandão

Art Director Josh Brandão

Cinematographer Nicolai Kornum

Special Effects Director Nicolai Kornum

Musician Vivien Glass

Costume Designer Bridgette Cocchiola

Fashion Stylist Marcella Martinelli

Make-Up Artist Ellie Yermakova

Hair Stylist Sunyoung Ha

Lead Female Valerie Pain

Lead Male Hugo Woddis

MCM – "Into the Glitch"

Into the Glitch


INTO THE GLITCH, is a groundbreaking interactive film, website takeover (www.glitch.mcmworldwide.com) and product showcase for the German luxury brand MCM where glitches are not only a good thing, but functional and beautiful. The campaign was a smash, boosting traffic to mcmworldwide.com 61%, fulfilling it's goal of pushing new e-commerce and heralding the launch of the brand's flagship SOHO store

Producer                  SWELL, Inc.

Director                  Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas

Special Effects Director   SWELL Post

Musician                  Bo en.

Fashion Stylist                  Masha Orlov

MakeUp Artist                  Alice Lane

Hair Stylist                  Dennis Lanni

Lead Female                  Katharina Rembi

Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don't

Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don´t


In a succession of shots of almost statuesque stillness, the erotomaniac beauty of English actress Kimberley Tell -an echo of the cold and sharp beauty of Cybill Shepherd- lives dangerously with a haunting death drive that is only a game, but that just happens to be the game that turns this piece into something unique and seductively captivating. Fantastic Plastic Magazine, Spain.

Une succession de plans concentrés sur des parties du corps de femme, dans une approche pop à la fois sensuelle et vintage. Fubiz, France.

Producer                  ricardo carrasco

Director                  fermín cimadevilla

Screen Writer                  fermín cimadevilla

Art Director                  dominique aizpurua

Cinematographer                  josé luis bernal                 

Musician                  julio briceño

Fashion Stylist                  anna vallès

MakeUp Artist                  ana cano

Hair Stylist                  ana cano

Lead Female                  kimberley tell



HONORABLE MENTION: Cinematography, Fashion Styling

The story takes place in a riot and follows the reaction of the rioters when an unusual character is introduced walking towards the riot police.

Producer                  Margarita Olkhovsky and Massey Williams

Director                  Margarita Olkhovsky

Screen Writer                  Margarita Olkhovsky and Massey Williams

Art Director                  Margarita Olkhovsky

Cinematographer                  Kirk Pflaum                 

Musician                  Matt Everingham

Costume Designer                  Massey Williams

Fashion Stylist                  Massey Williams

MakeUp Artist                  Amy Roberts

Hair Stylist                  Amy Roberts

Lead Female                  Julie Collins

Lead Male                  Stuart Hayward




They come in peace wearing Tendercore

Producer                  Dorleta Mtz. de Aramaiona , Saray Blades

Director                  Saray Blades

Screen Writer                  Saray Blades

Art Director                  Saray Blades

Cinematographer                  Saraya Blades

Special Effects Director                  Lois Beitia , Analie Eleno

Musician                  "I Thought i Was an Alien " by Soko , remixed by Lolo Beats

Costume Designer                  Usune Bravo

Fashion Stylist                  Planeta Cobra , Usune Bravo

MakeUp Artist                  Arritxu Eizmendi

Hair Stylist                  Arritxu Eizmendi

Lead Female                  Ana Gruber , Sara García Pereda ,Cecilia Tjen 

X - Coco De Mer


HONORABLE MENTION: Art Direction, Fashion

‘X’, a collaboration between TBWA\London & Rankin, is a compelling new film campaign aiming to engage people in a new, liberated conversation around desire.

Producer                  Elin Tiberg, Ada Almeida, Lauren Havard, Clark Jackson

Director                  Rankin, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes, Trisha Ward, Damien Fry, Jo Hunt

Screen Writer                  Sean Doyle

Cinematographer                  Marcus Autelli, Matthew Taylor, Eric Zimmerman

Musician                  Jason Stone, Peter Salmang                 



NOMINATED CATEGORY: Best Film, Best Director, Best Creative Concept, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Fashion


Producer                  Adrian Smarandache

Director                  Anton Groves , Damian Groves

Screen Writer                  Anton Groves , Damian Groves

Art Director                  Anton Groves, Damian Groves

Cinematographer                  David Lee

Special Effects Director                  Radu Fulga, Andrei Brovcenco

Musician                  Stefan Crisan

Costume Designer                  Ioana Ciolacu

Fashion Stylist                  Ioana Ciolacu

MakeUp Artist                  Dana Ionescu

Hair Stylist                  Liviu Livezeanu, Alex Caraman

The Date

The Date


Narcisa is in the way to a date with her current love affair, Ian. On the way, beings of mirrored face cross her path presenting her a strange feeling.

Producer                  Nicole Samperi

Director                  Nicole Samperi

Screen Writer                  Nicole Samperi

Cinematographer                  Nicole Samperi

Musician                  Anselmo Mancini

Fashion Stylist                  Gabriella Coffoni

MakeUp Artist                  Paola Stella

Hair Stylist                  Paola Stella

Lead Female                  Jamille Morales (L'Equipe)

Lead Male                  Eric Carvalho (L'Equipe)




Within a fleeting moment - a moment in which two people almost meet - a woman is transported into a lifetime of memories, sensations and longing, through the smells she encounters.

Producer                  Esther Löwe

Director                  Esther Löwe

Screen Writer                  Esther Löwe

Cinematographer                  René Dame

Fashion Stylist                  Angelika Götz

MakeUp Artist                  Anja Rimkus

Hair Stylist                  Anja Rimkus

Lead Female                  Gina Luisa Engel

Lead Male                  Silvan Rapp

RUSSH Magazine: Phoenix Rising

RUSSH Magazine-Phoenix Rising.png

RUSSH Magazine: Phoenix Rising

NOMINATED CATEGORY: Best Fashion Styling

Abbey Lee for RUSSH Magazine March 2015

Producer                  GRACIE OTTO

Director                  GRACIE OTTO

Screen Writer                  GRACIE OTTO

Cinematographer                  DENSON BAKER

Musician                  LAWRENCE HORNE

Fashion Stylist                  SHIBON KENNEDY

MakeUp Artist                  TAMAH KRINSKY

Hair Stylist                  RENYA XYDIS

Lead Female                  ABBEY LEE

Lead Male                  CHRIS GORRIS

RDC- Really Don't Care

RDC- Really Don't Care

HONORABLE MENTION: Art Direction, Script

"Hidden spectator of a birthday party, a love gone wrong , a fall of thought of a girl whispering to the person she loved. "

Producer                  Alessandra Sutto

Director                  Priscilla Santinelli

Screen Writer                  Priscilla Santinelli

Art Director                  Priscilla Santinelli

Cinematographer                  Edoardo Carlo Bolli

Costume Designer                  Gucci - Au jour le jour -Cristiano Burani - Myriaki - Golden Goose - Francesca Villa

Fashion Stylist                  Irene Rei

MakeUp Artist                  Alessandro Cocco

Hair Stylist                  Alessandro Cocco

Lead Female                  Ada Reina

Lead Male                  Federico Galdangelo - O'neal Ephraim - Marcel Peres Costa

Revlon US: Love is On

Revlon US: Love is on


Love is a state of mind; love is enchantment, and a way of life. Love is sexy, your own way of understanding the world, seduction. Love is making the most of life; love is romance, what moves us. Love is tenderness; attraction from every pore in your body, love is desire, not needing anything else. 􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰃􏰄􏰅􏰆

Producer                  Eduardo de Aysa, Natalia Gisbert

Director                  Manuel Portillo

Screen Writer   Manuel Portillo

Art Director                  Cristina Ramos

Cinematographer   Marc Miró

Special Effects Director   AR New York

Musician                  Robert Palmer

Costume Designer   Alberto Murtra

Fashion Stylist   Violeta Comella

MakeUp Artist   Dani Rull

Hair Stylist                  Mikel García

Lead Female   Dalianah Akelion

Lead Male                  Leandro Lima

Levante Italian Legwear: About Last Night

Levante Italian Legwear: About Last Night


Recreating the romance that we all relate to the Italian experience, but casting an empowering light on an old cliche.

Producer                  Natalie James

Director                  Nicola Castle

Cinematographer                  Liam Gilmour                 

Musician                  Tamil Rogeon

Lead Female                  Louise de Chevigny




Shot in the streets of NY, this short documentary explores the question: Why do women wear red lipstick?

Producer                  Theresa Giannone

Director                  Dre Torres

Cinematographer                  Dre Torres

MakeUp Artist                  Theresa Giannone

Le Fix SS15

Le Fix SS15

NOMINATED CATEGORY: Best Director, Best Creative Concept

In a film from Copenhagen’s Le Fix, the lifestyle brand explores the rougher side of the Danish capital. Harsh reality meets surreal elements and explores the wound of alienation among young outsiders – two young men and two young women – in a big city.

The visually beautiful imagery stands in stark contrast to the inescapable fact that it is almost impossible to cut the ties to the ghetto, giving a unique insight into a world many people are aware of exists but never acquaint themselves with. The film paints a dark vision of real life and moves on a periphery of youth, restlessness, riots and turmoil. Africa plays an important role in the film as the main character was born there and talks about the enormous difference between the wealth in Denmark and the poverty in Africa.

A fictive, yet realistic, dramatic narrative creates a unique combination of documentary, fiction, music video and fashion. The film borrows artistic effects from a wide array of genres, creating an ever-changing narrative composed of both slow-motion and handheld camerawork combined with atmospheric sound design, real sound, rap music and strings.

The SS15 film is Le Fix’ first foray into visual storytelling. Produced and filmed by the Danish agency The Woerks and directed by Lasse Martinussen, Le Fix pays tribute to the streets of Copenhagen, the individuals who roam them and the background on which Le Fix has evolved to be an international recognized lifestyle brand. The film premiered during Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2014.

Producer                  Thomas Veyssiére Gram

Director                  Lasse Martinussen

Screen Writer                  Lasse Martinussen

Art Director                  Marisol Ortiz

Cinematographer                  Jacob Møller                 

Musician                  D4ZED and Kevin Koch

Costume Designer                  Le Fix

Fashion Stylist                  Le Fix

Lead Female                  Nesli Celikkol

Lead Male                  Ibo A. Q. Bajuni

El Corte Ingles Spring 2015

El Corte Ingles Spring 2015


El Corte Inglés goes to Portugal to portray spring 2015 with the director Sébastien Grousset and the top model Edita Vilkeviciute. Edita’s Vilkeviciute trip elapses round Marqués da Fronteira Palace and Barrio Alto in Lisboa, La Quinta Sao Sebastiao and Hotel Seteais in Sintra and Correo Palace in Lourdes town. Everything accompanied by the hit of Aron Chupa “I’m an Albatroz”.

Producer                  Xoan Cornide, Patricia Lino

Director                  Sébastien Grousset

Art Director                  Luisa Pacheco

Cinematographer                  Francisco Luis Alcaine

Special Effects Director   El Ranchito

Musician                  Aron Chupa

Costume Designer                  Graziella Rubio

Fashion Stylist                  Jose Juan Rodriguez & Paco Casado

MakeUp Artist                  Beatriz Matallana

Hair Stylist                  Beatriz Matallana

Lead Female                  Edita Vilkeviciute




Singaporean top fashion designer Frederick Lee presenting new video material SS15; directed by Ken Rivas and model Zlata Sedunova

Producer                  Kovit Ang

Director                  Kenyiro Rivas

Art Director                  Kovit Ang

Cinematographer                  Kenyiro Rivas                 

Musician                  Blood - Band of Skulls

Costume Designer                  FREDERICK LEE

Fashion Stylist                  Kovit Ang

Lead Female                  Zlata Sedunova