LA LUCHA | Directed by Ian Bonhôte

Official Selection, Directed by Ian Bonhôte

Official Selection, Best Cinematography

Official Selection, Best Costume Design

“La Lucha” is born from the desire to collaborate with Mexican Top Fashion Stylist: Ivan Nuza, featuring the Designers Manuel Diaz, Gianfranco Reni, Angela Reyna. We decided to explore the relations between the body and their fashion collection, inspired by Gothic Bondage.     I had come across an old Boxing Gym in a really rough area of Mexico City and fell in love with its mad, eclectic, and random aesthetic. I felt it would work perfectly in contrast to the slick dark Bondage Fashion from our 3 designers. We worked with one of the most famous Mexican model Liliana Camba as well as Dutch twins River and Lois Hoeber, as well as Olga Kotova. I joined forces with one of Mexico best DOP Rodrigo “Cocol” Marina AMC, as well as Mel Gibson’s son Christian Gibson, who is one of the best stedicam Operator I had the pleasure to work with.