EPHIMERAL | Directed by Paco Peregrín

Official Selection, Best Visual Effects

Official Selection, Best Makeup

Storyline Efímera (Ephemeral) is about the unknown and the imperfect beauty and a wonderful reflection on the passing of time, a metaphor of the ephemeral nature of beauty and life. Synopsis: Peregrín's first beauty film, Efímera (2016) shows his personal aesthetic, which is not limited to tradition but open to the unknown and the imperfect beauty. A lonely female face is on a black background where makeup overtakes it. A reflection of an specific idea of identity and a proposal of makeup as a contemporary mask that protects us, at times as a camouflage and at other times to help create a super-ego. Focusing on the varied interconnected artistic looks of a female model, Efímera is about the ephemeral nature of beauty and life, impressive and varied makeup creations work as a metaphor for the four ages of human beings and a wonderful reflection on the passing of time. Concepts such as life and death are treated symbolically in this project (from birth and breastfeeding, to the rebellious adolescence, maturity and decease) helping Paco Peregrín to reflect on life’s fleeting solitude.    Thanks to its very dramatic, powerful and artistic aesthetic, Efímera makes explicit reference to the quick passage of time. But it is also a positive and energetic expression, a colorful film about diversity and freedom that encourages us to enjoy and live life intensely without fears.