DESTINY | Directed by Katarzyna Cieslar

Official Selection, Best Cinematography

Official Selection, Best Creative Concept

'Destiny' is a music video inspired fashion film supporting the main original single of Adriana's debut EP, based on her idea of self-expression through music video inspired by fashion film and merging her creative outlets (illustration and music). The fashion illustrator - Adriana - projects her experience and struggle of the life of an artist into a fashion film format.    The story of an artist following is not always an easy one and one - despite the true love and devotion to the passion and talent, the bumps on the uncertain career path are a must... However, if it is a calling - a force that gives a sense of purpose - the faith in 'Destiny' remains. The 'Destiny' in the song is the motivating force for the artist not to give up, to follow their dream, as uncertainty and unexpected twists are often blessings in disguise and eventually can lead to fulfillment. Based on personal experiences this video aims to empower creatives of all fields to stay on track of their calling and 'Destiny'. Adriana is wearing all the headpieces from featured London based milliner Awon Golding.