ABC | Directed by Pierluigi Anselmi  

Official Selection, Best Art Direction

Official Selection, Best Fashion

A as Alchemy, B as Bubbles, C as Codes, D as Double, E as Edges, F as Fall, G as Ground, H as Hex, I as Insane, J as Journey, K as Kaleidoscope, L as Loud, M as Moon, N as Night, O as Oh my!, P as Panic, Q as Quake, R as Rescue, T as Tamed, U as Uniform, V as Valiant, W as Wings, X as itself, Y as finally, Z as Zip.    ABC is a short film inspired by RITARITA’s fall/winter 2016-17 Collection.  A story made into pieces, rearranged with an alphabetical order.  It is a narration where every letter is a word and a world: a universe of moments, in which a heroine travels, fights, get lost and comes back in an imaginary journey.