Ubi Stunt

Ubi Sunt?

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Ubi sunt (literally "where are...?") is a phrase taken from the Latin, meaning "Where are those who were before us?" Sometimes interpreted to indicate nostalgia, the Ubi Sunt motif is actually a meditation on mortality, lost beauty, lost material things and life's transience.

The latest collection of designer Roberto Diz inspires this Fashion Film showing the evocation of the past, beauty, wealth and youth with melancholy. Where is all we went? Where is all we had? Where is all we got?

Producer           Consuelo Bolea

Director           Consuelo Bolea

Screen Writer           Consuelo Bolea

Art Director           Consuelo Bolea

Cinematographer           JL Guerrero (http://jlguerrero.com/)

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Örsten Kärki (Adagio Sostenuto)

Costume Designer           Roberto Diz (http://www.robertodiz.es/)

Fashion Stylist           Consuelo Bolea

MakeUp Artist           Vanessa Aslan

Hair Stylist           Sara López

Lead Female           María Sevilla

Lead Male           n/a