PUNK: Kinesis

PUNK: Kinesis

PUNK: Kinesis is part of the Punk fashion film series commissioned by SHOWstudio, paying tribute to punk's cultural importance and far-reaching influence in the world of fashion. The film explores the psychology of rebellious minds, expressing the punk spirit with emotion and sensibility, through delicate violent visuals.

Producer     SHOWstudio

Director     Penny Tu

Screen Writer     n/a

Art Director      n/a

Cinematographer     Penny Tu

Special Effects Director     n/a

Musician     Penny Tu (a collage made from 'Record Play' by Max Ebert, 'Papas Fedora' by Owlface, 'Morning in the Forest' by Mr. Rain and Thunder)

Costume Designer     Shao Yen Chen

Fashion Stylist      Shao Yen Chen

MakeUp Artist     Se-Chun Liu

Hair Stylist     n/a

Lead Female     Rina

Lead Male     n/a