Native Tongue

Native Tongue

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Inspired by Amie Schow’s thesis collection of the same name, Native Tongue is a short narrative fashion film that depicts the story of the collection through imagery designed to expand on and enhance its core intention. We wanted to share the clothes in their natural habitat, a landscape evocative of a neo-native world.

Native Tongue introduces us to a modern day explorer, Columbus 2.0, who stumbles upon an untouched piece of land in the Americas. He finds himself right in the heart of a community of women living in harmony with nature, and thriving. Unreached by civilization, as he has come to know it, and yet somehow more self-sufficient and more beautiful than anything he has ever seen in his travels or at home.

Are they real? Is it a mirage? Has he become delirious after his 100-day journey? We're not sure, as the women seem to simply disappear into the landscape by the end of the film.

Producer           Amie Schow and Emma Kanter

Director           Amie Schow and Emma Kanter

Screen Writer           Amie Schow and Emma Kanter

Art Director           Amie Schow

Cinematographer           Orlando Duguay

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Grady Righthand and Will Baldocchi

Costume Designer           Amie Schow

Fashion Stylist           Amie Schow

MakeUp Artist           Amie Schow

Hair Stylist           Casey Barscocchini

Lead Female           Gina Falcone, Aryanne Padilha, Karina Winkler

Lead Male           n/a