Man on the Move

Man on the move

man on the move.jpg

"Man on the move" shows the perfect match between Paris Opera leading dancer Jérémie Bélingard, the city and Hermès SS male collection designed by Véronique Nichanian.

Using the city as a playground, the dancer changes along with the situations and jumps from a piece of Hermès clothing to another.

ProducerNicolas Tiry

DirectorRomain Laurent

Screen WriterRomain Laurent

Art DirectorRomain Laurent

CinematographerJulien Meurice

Special Effects DirectorReepost

MusicianMax Zippal

Costume DesignerVéronique Nichanian for Hermès

Fashion StylistAgathe Wesolek

MakeUp ArtistStéphanie Pracht

Hair StylistStéphanie Pracht

Lead Femalen/a

Lead MaleJérémie Bélingard