MYKITA + Maison Martin Ma

MYKITA + Maison Martin Margiela

For the Mykita and Maison Martin Margiela collaboration campaign film, we had to find two strong and contrasted worlds to illustrate both the acetate and metal collections.

A rural setting facing an industrial roof overseeing the city answers that equation and fits our pronounced taste for wide spaces and a certain form of modern timelessness.

The idea is to make several groups of individuals stop in their actions as a mysterious event occurs in the sky. We had then decided not to reveal the nature of this presence. Both the image and the light had to have this intriguing feel. We also wished for the captivating and surreal sound design to procure this feeling.

Each of the shots, thought of like pictures, absorb us as much as the characters and their glasses are absorbed by the celestial vision.

Producer          Partizan

Director          Julien Soulier and Adrien Landre

Screen Writer          Julien Soulier and Adrien Landre

Art Director          Inhouse

Cinematographer          n/a

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          Adorn » by You’ll Never Get To Heaven

Costume Designer          Hortense MANGA

Fashion Stylist          Hortense MANGA

MakeUp Artist          Giulio Panciera

Hair Stylist          Giulio Panciera

Lead Female          n/a

Lead Male          n/a