Blackened Wings

Blackened Wings

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Inspired by the greek legend of the Phoenix and taking place in Soviet/Military world, Blackened Wings tells the tale of a young boy fighting to overcome bullying and oppression.

The film showcases a collection of accessories and fashion artefacts by London College Of Fashion Graduate Chiara Pavan, as well as pieces by Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, amongst others.

Producer           Josh Brandao

Director           Josh Brandao

Screen Writer           Josh Brandao

Art Director           Josh Brandao

Cinematographer           Nicolai Kornum

Special Effects Director           Nicolai Kornum

Musician           Jan Michael Glass

Costume Designer           Chiara Pavan

Fashion Stylist           Janna Rean

MakeUp Artist           Carmen Procopiuc

Hair Stylist           Sunyoung Ha

Lead Female           Zofia Chmieleka

Lead Male           Marcus Knight-Adams