Lone Ones: Classic Ones

A love story forged by longing on the rocks of a deserted island featuring Lone Ones' new 22-carat jewelry line, "Classic Ones" and flagship line "Mating Flight".

Producer           Ashley Avis & Elizabeth TenHouten

Director           Ashley Avis

Screen Writer           Ashley Avis

Art Director           Ashley Avis

Cinematographer           Nathan Haugaard

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Classic Ones features an original score by Nicholas Luckinbill

Costume Designer           Ashley Avis hand-made the black chiffon gown with twenty foot train featured in Classic Ones".

Fashion Stylist           Ashley Avis

MakeUp Artist           Leah Sheffield

Hair Stylist           Leah Sheffield

Lead Female           Itsaso Bolivar (NEXT) in "Classic Ones"

Lead Male           Peter Kraus (Wilhelmina)