Esquila travels through the experience of a woman who gets carried away by dreamlike Patagonia.

Interweaving images of sheep shearing with the timeless landscapes of Chile Austral, Director Portaluppi and stylist Paulina Irazaval embrace the environment’s colour palette to compose an atmospheric cinematography that explores the internal rhythm of the lands.
Raw materials and sensations, that only survive in the extreme south of the planet, articulate the imagination that director and stylist have knitted in this two and a half minutes short film.

Producer           Cristóbal Portaluppi

Director           Cristóbal Portaluppi

Screen Writer           Cristóbal Portaluppi

Art Director           Cristóbal Portaluppi

Cinematographer           Mirko Zlatar

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Pol Del Sur

Costume Designer           Paulina Irazabal

Fashion Stylist           Paulina Irazabal

MakeUp Artist           Francisca Bongardt

Hair Stylist           Francisca Bongardt

Lead Female           Bianca Hassler

Lead Male           n/a