Tokyo Lost & Found - TOM FORD/LANVIN

Japanese-Horror-inspired fashion film directed by TREVOR UNDI, styled by TAKAFUMI KAWASAKI follows model JUN (Image Tokyo) as she haunts her own Doppelgänger through the streets, cemeteries and undergrounds of Tokyo Metro. Featuring bold looks by LANVIN& TOM FORD.

Producer          Nicolas Ramirez, Trevor Undi

Director          Trevor Undi

Screen Writer          Trevor Undi

Art Director          Takafumi Kawasaki

Cinematographer          ANDRE SZYSZKOWSKI

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          David O'Brien, Duncan Pittock

Costume Designer          TOM FORD, LANVIN

Fashion Stylist          Takafumi Kawasaki

MakeUp Artist          Sada Ito

Hair Stylist          Ryoji Imaizumi

Lead Female          JUN (Image Tokyo)

Lead Male          n/a