The fashion short film illustrates a young woman who is "missing" something. She is seeking another truth.

In the first part, she is in the city, where everything seems unreal. As she walks to break free of this non-stop world, some water appears from her hand and her head. She escapes in her dream where she starts to combine and play with nature. She exercises a dance and plays more with water, which come from the floor. She finally abandons herself to fall in water: the source of life...

Producer          Rollin Studios

Director          Arthur Valverde

Screen Writer          Arthur Valverde

Art Director          n/a

Cinematographer          Xiaolong Liu

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          Matthew Stone

Costume Designer          Valeria De Felice

Fashion Stylist          n/a

MakeUp Artist          Lauren Citera

Hair Stylist           n/a


Lead Male          n/a