Kuwaii’s AW14 film 'Palladian' is a representation of how the human mind assembles memory; inspiring a feeling of déjà vu. Memories flicker between the two sisters as they delve into hazy corners of their minds, and each other.

Producer          Laura Albee Barton + Tim White

Director          Tim White

Screen Writer          Romy Ash

Art Director          Kristy Barber

Cinematographer          Peter Ryle

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          Liam Barton

Costume Designer          Kristy Barber

Fashion Stylist          Laura Albee Barton + Kristy Barber

MakeUp Artist          Karla Novack

Hair Stylist          Karla Novack

Lead Female          Ciume Lochner + Georgia Kelly

Lead Male          n/a