Set in the distant and sterile future, four contestants enter into an intense body modification procedure under the supervision of a dark and psychotic higher power. When they realise the changes are irreversible, desperate measures surface.

Producer          Hannah Bellil

Director          Hinny Tran

Screen Writer          Hinny Tran

Art Director          Hinny Tran

Cinematographer          Chase Burns

Special Effects Director          Hinny Tran

Musician          Neon Radio

Costume Designer          BODYMOD presents a carefully curated selection of provocative and experimental Australian made Fashion. From Kristen Cleal’s 3D printed shoes, to Dara Ing’s conceptual graduate collection using LED light systems to archive couture from Issey Miyaki, to the Neo-Lace Gown by Alexi Freeman & Tessa Blazey, the Metallic leather bodice from Christina Exie and the studded silver Biker Jacket from Di$count Univer$e. Other contributors include a.concept by Anthony Capon, Alex Jon Hansen, Alexi Freeman & Kate Rohde, Chorus, Et al, Elliven, IDOL, Kristen Cleal, Metal Couture, Madam Virtue & Co, Penny Hale, Tettmann.Doust, Tyrone Dylan Susman.

Fashion Stylist          Ramona Telecican & Hannah Bellil

MakeUp Artist          Lizzie Sharp

Hair Stylist          Melanie Matic & Andrea Barr

Lead Female          Rowena Xi Kang & Angela Yang

Lead Male          Ben Dwyer , Kyl Wilson , Alex McQueen