Produced, Directed and Shot by Kevin Michael Reed and Tudor Vasilescu, ANDROGYNY is a short fashion film (3:48) exploring the modern androgynous woman. Though the primary focus is fashion and vivid visual imagery, this film follows the every day struggles of those who are struggling with gender identity, sexual identity, and public perception.

Producer          Kevin Michael Reed & Tudor Vasilescu

Director          Kevin Michael Reed & Tudor Vasilescu

Screen Writer          n/a

Art Director          n/a

Cinematographer          Kevin Michael Reed

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          Dwayne Russell

Costume Designer          n/a

Fashion Stylist          Karin Elgai

MakeUp Artist          Piare Encina

Hair Stylist          Natasha Leibel

Lead Female          Sarah Bledsoe

Lead Male          Laurentiu Surca