K Woman

K Woman is the title of the film we have created this Spring Summer 2014 for brand Kocca. We wanted to take the concept of fashion film and give it a more cinematographic dimension, telling a story and constructing characters.

Classic American cinema was the cornerstone on which we constructed the filming and concept of this piece. If we had two characters in classic cinema, the woman always had a victimized, fragile look. We wanted to work with these stereotyped concepts and turn them into their polar opposites.
On an esthetic level, the use of technicolor in film at that time was a key inspiration in our use of light, resulting in a meticulous, saturated color spectrum. A key challenge lay in the setting: a set in the middle of the desert, with a motel, a gas station and a restaurant. A unique location where, in just 24 hours, we built a story with an impeccable look. We present to you K-Woman, the new short-thriller by Kocca, starring Andres Velencoso and Eniko Mihalik.

Producer          Miguel Arroyo

Director          Hunter & Gatti

Screen Writer          Hunter & Gatti

Art Director          Hunter & Gatti

Cinematographer          Daniel Aranyo

Special Effects Director          n/a

Musician          Hunter & Gatti

Costume Designer          Kocca

Fashion Stylist          Marine Braunschwig

MakeUp Artist          Frank Garret

Hair Stylist          Paco Garrigues

Lead Female          Eniko Mihalik

Lead Male          Andres Velencoso