A mysterious ritual, fire, smoke and surreal landscapes. A young woman on her trip between dream and reality to find her second part, the wolf inside her. There is a wolf in every woman - which combines tenderness and feminity and strength and animalism.

YLVA is a nordic name and means "wolf". The love for animals and nature, combined with creative urbanism characterizes the products and the handmade creations. The wolf as a symbol of power, solidarity and a touch of mysticism is in the center of each collection.

Producer           Jenny Gand

Director           Jenny Gand

Screen Writer           Claudia Lecnik & Jenny Gand

Art Director           Claudia Lecnik & Jenny Gand

Cinematographer           Harald Staudach & David Wagner

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           tripbox - Michael Dörfler

Costume Designer           Claudia Lecnik

Fashion Stylist           Claudia Lecnik

MakeUp Artist           Agnes Veegh

Hair Stylist           Agnes Veegh

Lead Female           Heidrun Wehl

Lead Male           n/a