Inspired by the purity of the Yanomami Tribes of South America, a foraging beauty ventures from her rainforest and meets her future self. This Amazonian Warrior stumbles upon a void in time and space and gets transformed into a powerful intergalactic warrior. The girl we call "She" will never be the same.

Producer        n/a    

Director           Udo Spreitzenbarth

Screen Writer           n/a

Art Director           n/a

Cinematographer           Brian McCormick

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Blue Foundation-Eyes on Fire-Zeds Dead Remix

Costume Designer           Sepehr Maghsoudi,Roxanne M.,Norma Kamali

Fashion Stylist           Ty-Ron Mayes

MakeUp Artist           Valente Frazier

Hair Stylist           Sher-Rae Tucker

Lead Female           Melissa Kurland

Lead Male           n/a