Urban Hippie

The fashion-short movie depicts a young girl's journey to the realms of her deepest imagination. In the first act we experience her feelings of loneliness. She is longing for love, light, the unknown, a world yet to be discovered behind the web that entangles the tender bird of her existence - her desire for freedom is symbolized by the delicate beauty of wings and feathers.

When she receives a letter, her day-dreaming is ignited by the anticipation of his love in the form of elements and motions representing thoughts, images of freedom, flying, love, colors, energy, strength - intensifying and finally exploding. This image slowly fades back to a dull surreal scene where she finally awakes.

Producer           Eclumes Studios

Director           Damien Krisl

Screen Writer           Damien krisl

Art Director           Lea Küng

Cinematographer           Daniel Kunz

Special Effects Director           Florian Baumann

Musician           Sigur Ros

Costume Designer           Lea Küng

Fashion Stylist           Lea Küng

MakeUp Artist           Christian Merz

Hair Stylist           Christian Merz

Lead Female           Anja Leuenberger

Lead Male           Leander Leuenberger