The Politics of Fashion: DC UNBOXED

Behind the politics in Washington DC lies an unexpected world of fashion, creativity, and business. The Politics of Fashion: DC UNBOXED tells the little known story about the fashion landscape in DC and takes you on a journey from the perception of DC fashion by the outside world, through its evolution in retail, style, and business, to the debate about whether or not DC fashion is heading towards a true industry or is just a fashionable city.

Producer           Elaine Mensah

Director           Elaine Mensah

Screen Writer           Elaine Mensah

Art Director           Elaine Mensah

Cinematographer           Jason Baustin

Special Effects Director           Robert Poole, Ed Fanning

Musician           Alexander Kafka, Matthew Shell

Costume Designer           n/a

Fashion Stylist           n/a

MakeUp Artist           n/a

Hair Stylist           n/a

Lead Female           n/a

Lead Male           n/a