Tectonic, an editorial fashion film commissioned by Modern Media's online fashion platform iFASHION周末画报.

The film features the fashion of SIMONGAO A/W14 and was published on 28 March 2014.

Drawing inspirations from the forms and materials of the fashion pieces and their reference to the lost tribes, the film explores an unknown transient space, a meta-universe composed of otherworldly graphic elements like architectonic wave forms and haunting white forests.

Producer           iFASHION周末画报

Director           Penny Tu

Screen Writer           n/a

Art Director           n/a

Cinematographer           James Moriarty

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           n/a

Costume Designer           n/a

Fashion Stylist           Nobuko Tannawa

MakeUp Artist           Nobuko Maekawa

Hair Stylist           Yoshitaka Miyazaki

Lead Female           Sara Steiner

Lead Male           n/a