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Kiro Hirata, KAPITAL’s lead designer, and Eric Kvatek, photographer, meet up in France to shoot the Spring 2014 KAPITAL book, “Sailor Ninja”. Old friends return and new friends are made over a five-day shoot in Paris, Souesmes and Cassis. In Paris, the KAPITAL crew focuses on Bohemian styles and French Ninjas. Slightly more familiar hunting themes are played with in the French countryside, of course with a KAPITAL twist. Finally, the entire production crew travels by train to the South of France for a nautical-themed excursion. Through the behind the scenes look at the inner workings of a KAPITAL photo shoot, the special nature of the fifteen-year-long friendship of Kiro Hirata and Eric Kvatek is revealed.

Producer           Kiro Hirata

Director           Hsiang Chin Moe

Screen Writer           n/a

Art Director           n/a

Cinematographer           Hsiang Chin Moe

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Suturee

Costume Designer           n/a

Fashion Stylist           Kiro Hirata

MakeUp Artist           Nicola Corl

Hair Stylist           Nicola Corl

Lead Female           n/a

Lead Male           n/a