In search of the mermaid

In Search of the Mermaid.png

“Pasos de sirena" (In search of the mermaid) is the story of a girl who finds a suitcase on the coast one day. Through its content she relives the story of a sailor who sacrificed his life to unravel the myth of the mermaid.

A love story between two people who never met.

Producer           Manuel Portillo

Director           Manuel Portillo

Screen Writer           Manuel Portillo

Art Director           Emmanuel Cienmandragoras

Cinematographer           Pablo Clemente

Special Effects Director           Sinedie

Musician           Arnau Bataller

Costume Designer           Hispanitas

Fashion Stylist           Diana Carolina Tami

MakeUp Artist           Carmen Montoro

Hair Stylist           Carmen Montoro

Lead Female           Rebeca Willig

Lead Male           Jabel Balbuena