Coxy. It's You.

Coxy Its You.png

The morning.

He wakes up. Reminiscent waves of the passionate night with Her ripple over the folds of His satin sheets.

Is She here?

His smile ushers in flashes of the night shared. With Her.

Was it a dream?

They kiss. Touch. Trace their hands over one another. Over the lines of her bag that mirror her body. They embrace in a dance of laughter and danger. He wakes up.

Who is she?

She is Coxy. A beautiful woman. Her bag sits on his chair. He smiles...

This, is not the end.

Producer           Guja Quaranta, Executive producer: Matteo Sapio

Director           Simon Kassianides

Screen Writer           Simon Kassianides

Art Director           Galina Holechek, Jared Tate Johnson

Cinematographer           Daniel Katz

Special Effects Director           Colorist: Jerome Thelia

Musician           Saverio Principini, Marco Sonzini

Costume Designer           Chiara Rodoni

Fashion Stylist           Chiara Rodoni, Assistant Stylist: Daniella Cartun

MakeUp Artist           Hannah Biddle

Hair Stylist           Hannah Biddle

Lead Female           Chiara Rodoni

Lead Male           Antonio Lujak