109 - Physical Education

109 - Physical Education.jpg

The movie is about the story of a girl which finds herself in the grey zone between depression and ecstasy, the constant physical metamorphosis she's going through changes her emotional reactions but never her state of mind. The conceptual unity of the clothes helped to create a character which even though it seems he lost touch with reality all he does is expressing his feelings. Hate, love, frustration, happiness and sexuality,they all grow from every breath the character takes. This movie is not meant to be a metaphorical movie, it's more of a real emotions Xray we are trying to hide caused by our fear of not becoming social outcasts

Producer           Hypno

Director           Hypno

Screen Writer           Hypno

Art Director           n/a

Cinematographer           Alexandru Dorobantu (Ate)

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Khidja

Costume Designer           109

Fashion Stylist           Marina Moldovan

MakeUp Artist           Diana Ionescu

Hair Stylist           Alex Gherase

Lead Female           Iulia Cîrstea

Lead Male           n/a