Madeleine Road

Iris and Laureline, childhood friends, come together in their native village in the south of France to share again their emotions and build up new relationships. Mischievous Iris, enigmatic Laureline, some flavour of past, emotion of present  and those magic Provence landscapes so peaceful and so  contrasting give to this .Madeleine Road. story a taste of authenticity and modernity that only Madeleine Road women can pretend to wear. Traveling at will, a voyage of liberty following their whim scattering as they go the impertinence of their Bohemian spirit.

Producer           Benoit BARGETON & Alexandre ALLAIN

Director           Alexandre ALLAIN, Benoit BARGETON & Cécile ALLAIN

Screen Writer           Benoit BARGETON & Alexandre ALLAIN

Art Director           Alexandre ALLAIN & Benoit BARGETON

Cinematographer           Benoit BARGETON & Alexandre ALLAIN

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Summer Heart, David Alexander

Costume Designer           Cécile ALLAIN

Fashion Stylist           Cécile ALLAIN

MakeUp Artist           Sandra Boutz

Hair Stylist           Cécile ALLAIN

Lead Female           Cécile ALLAIN

Lead Male           Benoit BARGETON & Alexandre ALLAIN