To create, you must destroy. God Shiva starts with the tandav cosmic dance of death and wakes up the "children". She gives them beauty and power. The children blossom and reach their crescendo. Their time is up and Shiva destroys what she once has created. Featuring designs by Meera Sharma and Hannah Sunwoo.

Producer           Mohammad Al-Saeed

Director           Mohammad Al-Saeed

Screen Writer           none

Art Director           n/a

Cinematographer           Siheng Guo

Special Effects Director           n/a

Musician           Mishari Hamad

Costume Designer           Meera Sharma, Hannah Sunwoo

Fashion Stylist           Poria Monthero, Hannah Sunwoo

MakeUp Artist           Nazmeen Akhtar, Ave Zadkhorvash

Hair Stylist           Lucia Farnesi

Lead Female           Nadja Moroz, Pearl Hancock, Edyta Wilim, Siobhän Ridguard, Iva Litina

Lead Male           n/a